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Tequila Scenario: Our Proprietary Process


Making Tequila is complex and fascinating with multiple stages, including agave processing, cooking, grinding, fermentation, and distillation. Tequila Scenario is the perfect option for those looking for a high-quality, smooth Tequila. It is the result of the careful, traditional, and controlled processes that ensure the natural softness and unique flavor of our brand.

Here you will find some information about how Tequila Scenario is made. From harvesting the agave to bottling the final product and everything in between – and, of course, after! 



Tequila Scenario is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave. We source our Agave from both the valley and the highlands. This contributes to the unique and diverse profiles you taste when sipping Scenario. Sourcing from local farmers ensures we always have high quality agave and are not forced to use whatever the season offers us. Lastly, and in our opinion, equally important, it allows us to support the local smaller Agave farmers of the Tequila region. 


During the cooking phase, we ensure continuous water vapor injection at a temperature of 90-95C for 14 to 16 hours This process is followed by six-hours without steam but under constant pressure. A four-hour rest period for cooling completes the 24 hours of cooking.


While the agave cooks we separate the honey generated in order to cook the honey separately, a technique called " Destufado," or de-stuffing—a concentration and elimination of unpleasant notes.


Separating the honey avoids burning or overcooking, so that we can then use it as a sweetener, thus avoiding the addition of sugar or artificial sweeteners found in many brands.

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The fermentation is spontaneous, natural and organic, using microorganisms from the environment and the raw material itself for 52-56 hours. Th result is that we do not use any additives to achieve the desired fermentation.


To achieve a cleaner, smoother, and easy-to-drink Tequila the distillation process is critical. We use traditional techniques with copper stills and a unique double distillation process, which involves separating the different components generated during distillation, such as Methanol or Higher Alcohols. This promotes a natural smoothness, but must be carefully monitored to ensure compliance with the regulations that govern Tequila without having to resort to triple distillation.

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After distillation it is decided how much Tequila will go straight into bottles as Blanco and how much will go into barrels to age.


Tequila Scenario is aged exclusively in Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrels: the Reposado for 6-8 months, the Anejo for 16-18 months, the Anejo Cristalino for 14-18 months and the Extra Anejo for a minimum of 3 years.


Tequila Scenario is handcrafted and bottled in small batches: each bottle from the cork to the final box is assembled by hand, attention to detail being a top priority.


tequila scenario bottling

Made in North America

Unlike most brands, Tequila Scenario sources 100% of everything required to complete our product from the US, Mexico or Canada. We have reduced our carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary logistics. The tequila of course comes from Tequila, Mexico, while the bottles, corks, labels, boxes, cases come from North America Likewise, all of our employees are based in North America.

Giving Back

All of the photos imprinted inside our bottles and all of the artwork on our boxes are created by world renowned, Canadian based, Equine Photographer and Artist Elise Genest.


10% of all proceeds from every gift box sale gets donated to assist artists fight the never ending battle of having their intellectual property copied and sold throughout the word without their knowledge or recognition/compensation.

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