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Tequila Scenario was founded by Diego Gonzalez and his wife Amina Bursese. Diego was born and raised in Mexico working horses on his family’s cattle ranch. He has been a Tequila lover since “birth” and an aficionado since he was legally able to start drinking. Tequila Scenario was born one night while drinking Tequila (naturally) as Diego and Amina discussed how to blend his passion for good tasting Tequila (which at the time was harder to come by in the US) with their passion for horses. He wanted people near and far to be able to experience the beauty and emotion of their horses while enjoying the quality and flavors of good quality sipping Tequila. To him these two things were symbiotic. Scenario was one of his beloved horses and Tequila was his first love. Together, it was perfection.


In his own words:


Horses have been the most important part of my life and have provided me the opportunity to live an extraordinary one. I created this tequila in their honor so that everyone who sips it can experience a part of that life…to have beautiful conversations with incredible people at amazing locations.

Diego Gonzalez

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